The Hunger Games

I am a fan of The Hunger Games series. My friend bought me the trilogy for Christmas last year and I finished it very quickly. As with many fans I had a picture of Katniss, the lead, in my head and was disappointed when I found out that Jennifer Lawrence was cast. Disappointed, but it wasn’t the end of the world.

Sitting through the movie I understood a bit more why she was chosen and not someone else– anyone else. She’s Hollywood’s version of awesome.

I went to the theatre yesterday to kick back and take it all in. After I bought my ticket I was asked to do a market research survey. Since I love movies and had time, I agreed. A young woman took my information and typed it into the touch screen. She breezed past the demographic information and I asked her what she filled out for my ethnicity. She didn’t pause and said African American. I told her that was incorrect and asked her to change it. She apologized and moved me to another computer to begin again.

There are other less intelligent fans who problematized other casting choices. Being racist and stupid is a dangerous cocktail.

Here is an article that explains the depths of their crazy.

People hated that Rue, Thrush, and Cinna were Black. When I first saw Rue, I cried. She has the sweetest face and my knowledge of her future weighed heavy. I also cried because of the idiots who complained that she was cast as a young Black girl. Some complained to like her less, or find her less cute. If that doesn’t symbolize America’s relationship with Black America I honestly don’t know what does.

This, and experiences like this, are why I started this blog. The world sees me as something I’m not. I have to balance my desire to be myself, and my desire to make the world right. It’s often a daunting beam to teeter and I don’t always do the best job.

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