Celebrity is stealing faces

I recently attended a lecture (the things we do when we’re all grown up) to celebrate my birthday. During the post lecture reception I wanted to take a picture with her — I don’t know why, I just wanted to.  It’s strange, I’m usually not that girl. She had taken quite a few pictures, reluctantly and explained to me why she didn’t want to take another. I wasn’t hurt by her decision. I have, however, been thinking about it for awhile though. “Why?”

I’ve come to this conclusion, “Taking pictures of “celebrities” is stealing their face.” At times, they may give it willingly, but for the times they don’t it’s not okay to just take it. I grew up in Pennsylvania near an area with a huge Amish population. The Amish, like many cultures, don’t want their pictures taken. They believe it steals their souls.

As I get older I tend to shy away from pictures with others. I don’t want my face in the places people put them these days. For those with celebrity it’s like they don’t have a choice. They don’t get to edit pictures for their cuteness. They must oblige the fan in the restaurant with desires to document their interaction unless they want to be coined, “mean,” or “rude.” Which by the way is only documented so people can later comment on how good they did or did not look at the time. Once you reach a certain level of fame your entire personality can be judged on your reluctance or desire to take a picture with someone you don’t even know.

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