Marry me misogynistic pastor Jesse Lee Peterson, please?

There is intimacy that comes with dating and marriage.  I’d like the opportunity to get to know this man and what caused him to choose this current version of himself.  He hates all things that are good. I want to see what this man is like behind closed doors because I NEED to feel empathetic for him.  Because right now, I think he’s a damn fool.


Jesse Lee Peterson is tomato sauce to my acid reflux.  My heart is literally aching.  This man hates women, people of color, and himself.  It’s hard for me not to be a little hurt by this.  He is certainly not the only person with this mentality.  That doesn’t make it any easier to digest.  He gives up on “America” [sic] while I hurt for Her.

Aside: I’m offended that he’s referred to as “conservative.” Maniacs like him have kidnapped the word and belief system and turned it into an insane asylum.

3 thoughts on “Marry me misogynistic pastor Jesse Lee Peterson, please?

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  2. i agree with you, i felt nothing but anger for him…mabe i should stop the rage, but…is this guy married? there are guys like him. and i wonder if guys like him have a family. not many right?

    • Please don’t stop the rage. Everything he said enraged then bewildered me. Eventually, it broke my heart. Imagine the messaging he was fed and then fed himself. It takes a lot of pain to turn into him. He has said “…all blacks should be put back on plantations to build work ethic.” What the– who says that?! Who thinks that?! So hurtful.

      As far as I know, he’s not married. I do know that there are men out there like him who are though. Rush Limbaugh had 3 wives, Don Imus had 2 and Allen West is currently married. Lunacy isn’t gender or sexual preference specific.

      Thanks so much for reading and commenting. I appreciate your thoughts.


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