…he’s not into black girls like that…

I have a friend who knows someone I’d like to know.  I asked him if he could introduce us at some point in our lives and his response was,

“…yeah, definitely…but I don’t know if he’s into “b”lack girls like that.”

As if all I was made up of was this skin awarded at birth.

I am more than my outfit of genetics.

2 thoughts on “…he’s not into black girls like that…

  1. Wait, so what did he mean by that? I must say I’m a little confused. Because it seemed that you just wanted to meet the guy—not procreate cute little biracial children (though that would be really amazing). But yeah what’s the deal…do tell.

  2. He was telling me that he’d definitely introduce me, but that his friend wouldn’t be interested in dating me. I was definitely hurt by what he said. My response was similar to your comment, “I didn’t say I wanted to date him, I just wanted to meet him.” His response was, “Oh, I’ll def make it happen.”

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