My response to’s — High School: The Theater of Cruelty

I read the answers on sometimes because they’re funny.  Today I read this post although it was written back in September.

My initial thoughts on, “Why do teenagers do this” are this:

Well, we live in a society that otherizes people as a custom; Native Americas, Japanese during the internment, African slaves and their descendants, anyone who looks like an African slave or their descendant, anyone who doesn’t fit into our gender norm, anything that doesn’t fit into what we as a cultural whole doesn’t understand goes into the “What-the-eff-is-that?!” box under our beds.”  Adults do that, for the most part. Then, they take that ideology and fold it into the dominant culture.

Then we’ve got our youth.  They’re in this world that we created that otherizes at their current level of social development. Their brains literally can only handle “X” and they’re in a world that requires them to handle much more for whatever reason. I’m talking about youth as a whole, not in part. I know there is always the “not all _______ do _____.” I get that.

Imagine a world where we had more empathetic competency.  We just cared about everyone cause that’s normal.  Our youth would grow up in that reality that’s much different from what we currently have and then become adults who enforce that reality.

If only….*sigh*