Eat Rite Health Promotion Center Amarillo, TX: a review

When I was a kid I tried to make bubble gum. I read the list of ingredients on the side of a Bubble Yum package and compiled what I could from the kitchen. It should be no surprise that mama’s ingredients did not Bubble Yum make.

Today at almost 30 years old I had a similar experience. I walked into “Eat Rite Health Promotion Center” in Amarillo, Texas looking for BCQ or Boswelia Curcumin Quercitin. They didn’t have it so they handed me other bottles with other ingredients including what I was looking for. Sort of. I was going to experiment, but then felt uneasy and told them I found it online. Which I did. The men– who were less than friendly– said oh, what’s in it? In one of the most condescending ways I’ve been spoken to in a very long time. I showed them the ingredients from my iPhone and they exchanged some dialogue and sent me on my way. I left the exchange feeling like they were mocking my choice and, in fact, me. I returned the items to the shelves and started to purchase the other items in my basket. I looked over my shoulder to find the older gentleman sneering at me. Sneering. Like Lord Voldemort.

It’s been 30 or so minutes since that interaction occurred and I’m still angry. I would drive away, but then they would walk away from that feeling like it’s okay to treat people in that manner. It’s not.

They were offering me dehydrated apples and apple juice and telling me it’d make an apple just fine. That’s not true. I had a specific product I wanted and they didn’t have it.

I’ll never shop at Eat Rite Health Promotion Center again and I hope you won’t either. In a second, I’m going to go back in there and give that gentleman some feedback that’s probably long over due.

Has anyone else had a similar experience at this location?

8 thoughts on “Eat Rite Health Promotion Center Amarillo, TX: a review

  1. Oooh, I deal with this a lot. Write it out. Don’t patronize people who patronize you, and put them on blast online. It’s all you can do. And the apple part made me laugh!

  2. *hugs* Fucking Voldemorts. I’m sorry.

    Come back to Seattle. Not that there aren’t racist idiots here, but at least your derby peeps can have your back.

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  4. Why does the issue turn into a racist one, just because YOU happen to be black and they are Caucasian ?

    I know the 2 men you are talking about, at first they seem standoffish and condescending, they have many questions from people about a particular vitamin, supplement, whatever by a trade name. Their supplier doesn’t package it the same so all they can do is recommend a substitute for you. I am sure the apple analogy was an attempt to explain that to you. Tim Cunningham and his father have been very helpful to me anytime I go in with my requests, I have taken advertisements from another company in and they don’t carry that brand so they will come up with some solution to get to the same end result. Supplement recipes just happen to be one of the ways that companies come up with a proprietary product they can patent.

    • Hi Joe, thanks for reading and commenting!
      To my recollection, I didn’t refer to this incident as being a racist one. Would you mind pointing out to me what led you to that conclusion? One correction, the “apples” analogy is my analogy not theirs.

      As for their history of helping customers find what they need if they don’t carry the specific brand or type desired, I’m more than happy to entertain alternate perspectives on a solution. The fact that I was shopping at a supplement store should prove that. I felt the way I did because that’s how I was treated. I went back to talk about it with them because I wanted to make sure I wasn’t making it up. When I left the second time I was sure that they were belittling me because they were.

      Finally, if you’d like to chat about microaggressions and how they are indicators and symptoms of the larger racist system in which we dwell, I’d love that. We could start with why you capitalized the “c” in Caucasian and not the “b” in “black.”

      Best to you,

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