I am a Wilderness First Responder (WFR) pronounced “woofer.” That means I’m trained to provide medical care in remote situations. I’ve never had to use that training in any significant way. I’m of the mindset that preventative actions are the best form treatment. My students and I come to an understanding about behavioral expectations and things tend to turn out fine.

While living here with my grandad situations have presented themselves that required me to make decisions. This morning I heard him fall and sprung into action. He was bleeding from his mouth — he had caught his head on a wall corner as he fell and bitten his cheek badly. His eyes had glazed over as they commonly do an his verbalizations were incoherent. He was not there.

I performed a primary assessment and determined a course of action. He is now resting comfortably on the couch wearing my fingerless gloves. I wake him occasionally to take his vitals and get an overall update.

When this happened I wasn’t afraid or overwhelmed. I was succinct, direct and efficient. I followed my gut and it worked out. It felt good. The adrenaline is fading and my emotions are taking their place. Overall, I still feel clear.

This feeling of assuredness is peculiar, but helpful…

4 thoughts on “Woofer

  1. I’m so glad he’s okay. I love the little comic relief about your fingerless gloves—hopefully he’s wearing them so he can make a status update on his iPhone that he is okay and his granddaughter is the best Woofer out there…

    Love to you and yours, Jehan!

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