I’ve seen the phrase “NaPoWriMo” often, but didn’t know what it meant. Usually, when that’s the case, I Google it, but I haven’t had the time or desire to satisfy my curiosity. While cruising the Help section of WordPress I stumbled across this post on spacing. It offered great advice on spacing for poetry which is great. Now I can go back fix my old posts of poetry, of which there aren’t many.

I wanted to write something today, but it’s raining. I haven’t taken my vitamins in weeks. My body chemistry feels a bit off and so I need to get on that. Let’s just say I’m feeling pretty defeatist and like an imposter. It probably has something to do with this line in the NOLS Gateway Partnership Scholarship Application: ” Notify you by April 10, 2013 whether your students are accepted in to the program.” If you can’t tell, I haven’t heard anything from anyone yet and so I’m assuming the worst. Granted, I didn’t apply through my old organization as much as I did as a result of them. My old boss, and friend, sent me the app and told me I should apply. I did.

In the seventh grade, someone told me this wretched phrase, “No news is good news” Bump that. I just want some kind of news so I can move on. All this trepidation is killing my mojo.

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