Illegality of Racism

My familiarity with the law is just enough that Jay Leno wouldn’t be able to make a fool out of me on JaywalkersThat being said, I feel like European countries have more strict laws against racism than we do.  I’m willing to accept being wrong.  Feel free to tell me so in the comments.

My homepage is set to the BBC. Almost every morning someone on some sports team is being punished for being racist. Or, just doing something racist.  I mean, that feels kinda nice.  Here in the States we have our general No Hate Crime laws, but it doesn’t feel like they’re the same as in Europe.  But, it does seem neither of us have found a system that works.  Our laws are aimed at removing racism from disenfranchising people in an active way.  Example, if you wanted to rent a building from me I couldn’t legally cite my reason for turning you down as something related to discrimination or racism.  That’s nice. HOWEVER, people of color are discriminated against all the time.  Poor people of color are discriminated against even more.  Even though there are systems in place to prevent active racism, there are loopholes the size of Zooey Deschanel’s gigantic eyes that allow racism to take root systemically.

I love the work that’s being done to combat all forms of racism. Activists are pushing in aggressive and sometimes off-putting ways. Public figures find ways to inform people and work toward a more just system, daily.  I’m not sure that we can ever have a completely oppression and race free world. That’d be expecting perfection in a place where it’s impossible.  I do believe that the fight is work undertaking.  Without it, I wouldn’t be able to write this because I probably would know how to read.  Thanks, Abolitionists!

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