It is important for me to remark that this exhaustion is not one as a result of negative leanings, but one of lying supine after beneficial toil… after engaging in conversations so powerful they have their own area code that doesn’t include numbers but heart and emotion and all of the things that leave people raw.  They’re located in that part of state that’s difficult to access, but worth the endeavor and scary to embrace.

I worked with a group of educators today and was amazed.  Though I set myself on the path to do one thing the day turned into another.  Why am I still surprised that student centered learning will derail what you set out to do in the best ways? I was taught today. I’m working for myself and knew that I would learn, but today, I Learned with a capital “l”.  I want to, and frankly must, remember that I should never position myself as the teacher. It is more powerful to facilitate than to teach.  Yes, there are moments with instruction must take place, but instruction is necessary in facilitation as well. There’s so much I have to learn and I’m going to enjoy cutting it up into bite sized pieces and chewing it slowly.

This is the work I want to do– engaging in conversations around marginalization and the outdoors. This is it — well, not “it” but it is a piece. Thank for those who welcome the work associated with justice.  We are a powerful collective. I’m privileged to be a participant in this endeavor.


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