Sala Kakuhle!

It’s 6:56am PST. I’m sitting in the home of a dear friend in Seattle.  There are quite a few of items on my yet to be created to do list and I’m feeling fine.  I mean, I was feeling totally fine until I typed that sentence.  For the most part, however, I’m neutral.  Yes, I’m about to travel with a group of students to a country I’ve never been and where I barely speak the languages.  That will be stressful at times, but right now, it’s not happening, so why be stressed?

Leaving my students on Friday was sad because I’ve grown to care for them already.  There are a few that I hope change drastically, and the rest I know will change drastically.  At their core, they’re sweet and caring young people and I’m proud to be on this journey with them.  I just hope I can take care of myself in the midst of taking care of them.

Well, this is it. Le Maroc here I come!

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