Wearing my apron: Tortillas

Reposted from my, now defunct, cooking blog:

It’s the end of the month and funds, as usual, are low. I’m good at keeping staple items in my apartment for instances just like this.

This is white flour even though I prefer whole wheat. I make it a habit to swing by the 50% off rack and look for good buys. Last time I found two 5lb bags of white flour for something like $1.25 a piece. They were taped over at the edges because of damage, but that’s not a big deal.

I wanted to make tortilla chips from scratch, but every recipe just told me to use store bought tortillas and quarter them. I opted for tortillas from scratch instead. Ingredient list:

3 cups all purpose unbleached flour

2 tsp baking powder

1 tsp salt

7 tsp shortening (I’ve been told to use lard — I can’t go there)

1 & 1/4 cups high quality H2O


Combine the dry ingredients. Cut in shortening. “Cut” is a baker’s term for combining with a fork, two knives, a potato masher, or your hands. Slowly add water and mix it with cutting tool. When the mixture becomes sticky to the touch and pulls away from the bowl you’re good. Knead (press the dough together on a flat surface) for a few minutes. Note: Be mindful of your surface. I’m pretty good at forgetting to wipe off the surface and finding stuff on my unbaked dough. Then create little dough balls with your hands:

Set those aside and heat up your favorite most reliable pan. I’m a HUGE fan of getting cookware at TJ Maxx or Marshall’s. My favorite pan that will be buried with me when I pass was found during a shopping trip at Macy’s. The original sticker price was $70 dollars. I bought it for less than $30. It’s non-stick and oven safe (might be my favorite part). A few recipes recommend using a cast iron skillet, but I no longer have one. 😦 Heat it up on medium . On my ceramic top stove that’s an eensy bit above 5. Roll out dough to desired thickness. This was my choice:Then place the dough in your favorite skillet like so:

They won’t take long once in the pan. Flip with you see them get a little brown on the heated side.

Then voilá, tortillas!!!!!

One of the recipes I found is here. Next time I think I’d add a bit more baking powder, let them sit longer, and roll them a little thinner. If you try it I’d love to see pics.